Privacy Notice of Robert (Bob) Fisher

at Thinking Therapy

71 Linden Road. Westbury Park. Bristol BS6 7RW.


This statement confirms how I Robert (Bob) Fisher of Thinking Therapy use and protect any information that you give to me whilst using this service.


I am committed to safeguarding and protecting your information. If I ask you for any information it will only be used according to this privacy statement.


I may change this policy from time to time in line with legislation and whilst we are still working together I will provide you with a copy of any change. If we have ceased working together and you would like a copy of my up to date privacy policy I will provide one on request. I will also update my website and would advise that you check that from time to time to be aware of any changes. This policy is effective from 25th May 2018.


For the purposes of Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation 2016 Robert (Bob) Fisher is the data controller of the above address.


Your data


Information I collect: I store your name, telephone number and email address and other personal information that you provide to me. I will also write brief notes of our sessions.


How I store information: I keep brief hand written notes recording the themes of our therapy sessions. These are stored in a locked metal box that is in turn secured to the floor and are destroyed seven years after your therapy sessions end unless agreed otherwise. If you have come to me for supervision then I will also store for seven years of notes at any one time.  Any information stored online will be kept securely on a password protected computer. Your contact and appointment details will be kept for seven years after your therapy sessions end and then destroyed unless agreed otherwise. Any emails, texts, whatsapp, messenger messages or other communications will be deleted at any time but not later than 90 days after receipt unless they form a part of your notes or are needed for income tax purposes in which case they will be kept for seven years. Your telephone number will be stored on my mobile phone under your first name and the initial of your surname I will periodically (every 12 months) delete client names and numbers that I am no longer working with. If I change my phone then all your details will be deleted on my old phone. I use a digital diary to organise my appointments, in this I use only your first name, my wife, who is also a therapist share this diary as we both work from our home and she has clients arriving and leaving as I do. The diary is shared so we can coordinate appointment times and as far as possible not have clients arriving or leaving at the same time therefore protecting client anonymity as far as possible.


How I use this information: I will use your contact details to engage in my work with you according to my contract with you including contacting you about appointments, keeping records such as appointments, running and maintaining my business. I also keep brief notes of therapy and supervision sessions in order to support me in offering you therapy or supervision. I will not use contact information or your session notes for any purpose other than in this notice and my contract. I f for any reason I am asked to provide a report of the sessions - eg at your request then this will be sent to you, password protected for your approval before it is provided to the person requesting it . It will also be stored for a period of 7 years.


Your Rights and Access to information: You have the right to ask to see any information that I hold about you. Unless prevented from doing so for legal reasons, I will provide this information to you within a month of your request. I am happy to look at this in session. You also have the right to ask me to change or delete any information that I hold about you that is incorrect, I will do this except for any information I need to hold for legal purposes.


Complaints: If you wish to complain about how I hold your data in any way then in the first instance please contact me Robert (Bob) Fisher who is the data controller of Thinking Therapy at the above address. If you have any further concerns which are not addressed then you should contact Information Commissioners Office at or 0303 123 1113.


Breaches: I will report any data breach to the Independent Commissioner, BACP and to your self within 72 hours if it becomes apparent that any data is stolen. My data protection registration reference is ZA387305.


Contact: If you wish to contact me with questions, concerns, complaints or request for your information then pleas contact me:-


Robert (Bob) Fisher

Thinking Therapy

71 Linden Road.

Westbury Park.






Dated 25th May 2018